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Máy mài dao lưỡi thẳng

máy mài lưỡi dao thẳng

máy mài lưỡi dao thẳng



automatic straight knife grinder Binmaxx


Easy To Operate.
Effective grinding length:700mm
Grinding cutter adjustable:0-90degree




•The machine is used mainly for grinding various types of the straight blade cutting tools at different angles.


• it is suitable for grinding different types of cutting tools such as furniture making ,printing and textile industry etc.,


• it also can be used for sharpening the knife made from high-speed tool steel.


• The machine has good and reasonable appearance arrangement,it consist of the six electric components:

the main   body,the working table,the sliding board,the motor and the grinding head,the structure of each section

is compact.


• The machine can grind 4 pieces of blades at the same time,the grinding head feeds automaticalling in average speed,

that ensure the cutting tool exert its unique advantages equally.


• It is the nessessary grinding machine for the industries of furniture making and straight blade making.




Main Motor Power 1.5kw
Effective Gringding Length 700mm
Feed power of motor 60w
Grinding Cutter Adjusable 0-90degree
Grinding Wheel Specification 32*50*150mm
Water Pump Motor 40w
Wheel Head Rotate Speed 2840r/min

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